Monday, April 23, 2007


This weekend was productive and (finally) sucessful.

I spent Saturday styling and attending a friends wedding - lots of fun! The wedding was in Hammond, IN about an hour away from us, so we just stayed in a hotel out there. Corey and my friend's boyfriend enjoyed pointing out who was from the city and who was a local to Indiana... trust me, it was easy to tell.

We came home Sunday morning and needed to rush back out for a couple of auditions, later to get back home for a bridal trial. The plan was just to take the train, but it was so gorgeous out that we quickly aired up the tires in our bikes and enjoyed riding to the auditions and then a late lunch. It was so nice, plus great exercise though my ass is bruised today. I think I need a new seat.

Best part of the day besides finally enjoying some fresh air and decent weather? We got cast from one of the auditions! Corey and I are now both a part of the Chicago Comedy Company. It's a short form improv company actually located in Schaumburg. I wouldn't normally want to drive to the suburbs for regular shows, but the theater is under new ownership. It's now run by Lillie Frances. She brings some serious cred to the place, she's been a regular name in the improv world for quite some time, having taught and improvised at iO, Second City and throughout Chicago. Besides being some regular stage time with CCC, it actually pays... what? Crazy, I know. Plus, there will be corporate workshops etc. Hopefully with Lillie's connections and talent this will be a success.

Now it's Monday, I'm back to work and my insides are crawling. I hate working for someone, I hate working for here. I just want to be back outside on my bike.

- Mo


Molly said...

congratulations!!! yea for getting to perform.

and you've been linked as well. bloggers unit. wait, that was really cheesy...

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Someone's pointing out your blogger unit? Oh my!

What is this "pay" thing of which you speak?

Congrats to both of you, I'm sure you'll take Schaumburg by storm. Those suburbanites won't know what hit them.

Dan said...