Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A three hour tour, a three hour tour.

Friday after work, we had to brave the cold even more. We had shows in Rock Island on both Friday and Saturday. Knowing that there was a storm a brewin', we called the night before to make sure there was a back up plan in case we were a few minutes late for the show Friday.
By the time we headed out, it had stopped snowing and for the most part, the roads were clear.
It takes about 3 hours to get to the Quad City area. We left Chicago at 4pm. We knew it would be cutting it close to make the 7pm show time, but figured that there was a back up plan in place, so if we were a little late, it'd be okay.
So everything was going just fine, we were on target to get there when needed. Then, we turned onto I-80.... and the horror began. Dunn, Dunn, Dunn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Traffic was literally bumper to bumper. Though the roads had been previously plowed, the wind must've blown snow back on and the cars had packed it down making it an icy, bumpy, somewhat treacherous drive.
Besides driving 20 miles per hour or slower, we had to deal with the literally hundreds of semi-trucks. Apparently the entire national trucking industry was unable to move that morning, so they all started down the road at the same time as us. Not only were there hundreds of semi's on the road, there were at least 40 trucks and other vehicles on the side and in the median that had slid off the highway. There were times that we actually came to a complete stop. On. The Interstate.
The 3 hour drive took us 7 hours to complete. Read that sentence again. It's only 8 1/2 to KC, we could have nearly driven home with that kind of time. Needless to say, we completely missed our show. Well, the show in front of an audience anyways. We actually had fun in the car, because we are, of course, hilarious. We had to do something to kill the time and not go insane. So we sang and laughed and butchered Christmas songs. Not once did we lose our cool at the other cars or curse the gods for allowing this luck to fall on us, we just enjoyed each others company. I'm pretty proud of that fact.

Saturday night coming home took us, obviously, 3 hours.

We have shows again this coming weekend. We're not risking it this time though. We're heading out at noon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cor and Mo, we have decided to copy you and have our own blog. Not much there now, but thought this would be a great way for you guys and Sarah's mom to be able to know what's happening with us.

Mo said...

We'll check it out and link it.
It better be good. Don't screw up people.

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