Friday, December 01, 2006

Oh yeah, this is the part I hate about Chicago

I know that everyone is experiencing major snow, so I'm not asking for any special pity, but DAMN this weather sucks. I love living here, but as I've said before, the part that makes it worse here in Chi-town is that you have to be out in these elements more.

Because we have a show out of town tonight, Corey drove to work. The normal 1/2 hour drive took him about an hour and 15 minutes. I'm going to leave work early and meet him near his office, so we can head straight for the show, knowing of course that there's no way we'll make it on time. So this morning we not only had to scrape the car and deal with the traffic, I also had to take the El downtown. It's not so much the cold that bothers me, but the wind.

To make matters worse, I realized this morning that I don't have a good winter coat. Somehow the one I used last year is just gone. Granted I did okay. I have a really heavy leather coat. I guess technically it's perfect for this kind of weather, but it's really heavy. Seriously, I can't move comfortably in it and my arms hurt after I take it off. It's definitely not going to work once we have just normal, cold winter weather versus this blizzardy weather. Also, my boots are also too big for me. Can I not buy properly fitting shoes? I don't know, I wonder myself. I remember loving them and wearing them last year, but now my foot is sliding around it, making it hard to walk in, especially in all the slosh. It's absolutely miserable out there.

Then, just to irritate me more, I get in the office and nobody's here. I could count on both hands how many people total are on my floor and I'm literally the only one in my department. Damn it! I should've listened to myself this morning and stayed in bed.
Oh well, at least I'll get a lot of work done.... Oh, who am I kidding? I'll just end up surfing the net all day.


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