Monday, December 18, 2006

Just a quick update

Time is flying by...only 18 days until the cruise! It's been a lot of fun trying to lose weight to fit into a bathing suit right after Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh well, thank goodness for swimsuit coverups! Until then, things are busy as usual. Besides being gone every weekend, my business is booming. I've had at least 5 new clients just this month. Plus Friday we did a 'Schticky' improv show for Corey's company Holiday Party. Hopefully that will lead to future gigs with them. Saturday was our last ComedySportz gig for '07. We had to miss my company's party at The Drake, but that's okay, making money is better any day.

Last Monday and Tuesday, the boys, Blackpool Lights stopped by for a quick visit. They were in town for 2 nights to do a radio spot, photo shoot and show. Unfortunately I had to miss the concert because of a migraine, but Corey brought along a buddy who is now a big fan. I just want to adopt them all. Of course it was a late couple of nights, so last week we were still trying to catch up on sleep.

We're also getting ready for the family to come in for Christmas and Pete to stop in for Christnikah. This year we'll celebrate with a typical Mexican Feast, just like the days of Yore. Okay, nothing is typical about Christnika except for drinking, eating and hanging with loved ones. All of our shopping is done, except for the food. We've got an exciting night at Costco planned, followed by cleaning the house. Ahh! Domestic bliss!

This coming Friday is my company's 'Kid's Day.' Parents bring their kids to work where we plan activities such as decorating cookies and watching movies and then there's a special visit. Upon request, Corey will be playing Santa again this year. Apparently several kids have told their parents that they understand that Santa's helpers are the ones in the mall, but the REAL Santa comes to mommy and daddy's work. I don't think Corey's thrilled about the added pressure. He'll be fine though, he was nervous last year, but did such a great job that everyone has requested him back for future Kids Days.



Colin said...

Corey and Mo -
Can I just let you know how much I love your blog? A lot.
I'll be in town for a few days here, and I think we should have a franchise reunion at the Brickhouse. That is, if you can fit me in between all of your appointments!

Mo said...

Hey Colin!

Thanks for being a loyal fan.
When are you in town? Let's do something. Anyone up for karaoke Saturday night?

sarah said...

I love that corey is Santa. What a magical thing for the kids!

Colin said...

I was supposed to be in last night, but my new flight gets me in tomorrow morning. I would be down for some karaoke!