Friday, November 04, 2005

Finally, someone gets it!

Life update... Things are still hectic. I've cut back on a ton on how much I do, almost to the point of boredom. I'm not doing many side jobs and haven't been to a rehearsal in about a month or a show in almost as long. My health is still being weird. We still don't know what the abdominal pains are, but they're possibly kidney stones. What a blast! If things haven't cleared up (or cleared out technically) by Tuesday, I have to get more testing done. But this isn't just about me talking about my health issues like an old lady. This is about the awesomeness of pH.

pH is an improv/theater company that I am involved with. Now I've noticed that many groups aren't very understanding about missing rehearsals/shows, even if it's legit. It has been my experience that for some reason the improv and theater community have a tendency to not treat their cast very well. I've been pleasantly surprised though, because pH has been the most understand group I've ever worked with. They actually get that improv (especially free improv) isn't the only or highest priority thing in the world. When I explained why I was missing so many rehearsals and that I wanted to scale back as much as possible for a while, they weren't upset. They were kind and willing to work with me. It just makes me want to do more for them. This is one of the first groups that I've seen do it right. They truly care about their cast and not just box office numbers and money. This (besides the talented group) is what will take them to big places. It's just a refreshing thing to be involved with.



Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Send some of that business savvy this way.

Michael said...

Poetic recap:

Monique owns,
Kidney stones?
No longer sane
from abdominal pain.
Continue resting,
for Tuesday testing.

Mo said...

I had a feeling you might be a little jealous Pete.