Saturday, November 05, 2005

Crispy Fried

Thanks to some Target gift cards we received as wedding gifts, Corey and I now have "The Sims." Really it's mostly Corey's games, because I don't play that often, but whatever, not the point. The family that we have created are the Jerkpods. Corey and Monique Jerkpod. Well, the other night after having an argument, I went to bed. Corey having insomnia (don't worry Pete, you're not the only one) stayed up and played The Sims. Since he was mad, Corey Jerkpod decided to get real "friendly" with one of the neighbors, Betty Newbie. When he told me about it the next day and I was shocked, "What, Corey cheated on Monique?" Technically they're not married, but still it was the principle. However,Corey Jerkpod found out that cheating never pays off. Turns out that he bought himself a stove, because the food we were making in the microwave wasn't very nourishing. Apparently he wasn't the most skilled cook, because he started a fire. It was actually his second fire, the living room went up in flames the other night after Corey lit the fireplace and then went to sleep. With that one Monique, Corey and the fire department were able to extinguish it. This time he wasn't so lucky. Not only did the kitchen catch on fire, but so did Corey....And then he died. See...that's what you get for cheating on Monique.
I was concerned for Monique Jerkpod who would occasionally go to the urn that rests on the fireplace and cry over her loss. Corey told me not to worry about her, because apparently now Monique and Betty are really "friendly" with each other.



cszponce said...

You two should get "The Sims: Nightlife" expansion pack so Monique Jerkpod can hit the clubs and go downtown to hook up with random strangers.

Which actually brings to mind a good number of possible expansion packs that Maxis should come up with that are more real life based than previous iterations. Some ideas include:
-The Sims: One Night Stand
-The Sims: The Clinic
-The Sims: Vietnamese Prison
-The Sims: Basement Livin'!
-The Sims: Traffic

Any others?

Momskie said...

That's what happens when people spend their hard earned money on giftcards to help the struggling new couple in need of the basic nessities. Young married couples are obviously not experienced enough to make those kind of "kid-in-a-candystore" decisions. Then all lesbianism breaks loose.

briemcgee,duh said...

lesbianism? ew, mom, gross

briemcgee,duh said...

We just got "Indigo Prophecy" on PS2. It's cool, cause it's like an action game, but you get to make alot of Sims-like choices. Then it plays out like a movie. Fun, but it has really depressing music. You play the demon possessed killer trying to learn the truth, and the cops trying to catch him. Though it sometimes feels a lot like you're playing checkers by yourself.