Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fine Pete

Since Pete doesn't want me to be a lazy ass, I will go ahead and post...

We just got back to Chicago from KC at about 1:30am this morning. Being that Corey and I both have to work an 8 hour day, we're dragging. Thanksgiving was overall pretty good. Lots of changes and some sad stuff going on, none that I want to go into as I am trying to stay positive, but it was great seeing family and friends. It was awesome getting to spend time with our nieces who are hilarious and other family friends. Our Comedy City friends all got together Saturday night. I'm always thrilled that so many people come out when we're in town. Not that we're the center of it all or anything, but really, Corey and I are the glue that holds it together... just kidding. It was just nice seeing everyone together. I also got to go to my first Chiefs game. It was Awesome! I had so much fun. It's a good thing I waited so long to go because at least now I can follow the game. It would've pissed me off to not be able to understand it with as much money as we paid for the tickets. Oh well, it was worth it. Pete was officially my hero that day for bringing ponchos.
Now I'm back at work and hating it. Not the job, it's still good... well for an office job. It's just rough coming back from vacation, though after this one part of me is glad to be home. After missing 2 days of work, I had 86 emails. I never had that many as a receptionist. Guess that's what I get for having a real job.

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notPete said...

That's right bitches... reco'nize! Pete says jump, you jump!