Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Simpsons vs Family Guy

Is The Family Guy just a clone of The Simpsons? Clearly they are both hilarious, but are they too similar? Check this out. Yeah, they're alike, but so is Everybody Loves Raymond vs any other family, situation comedy or ER vs another medical drama. Ok, so these aren't the most specific examples, but the point is when you're working in a particular genre and media as another show, there's bound to be some similarities. Can you appreciate and enjoy both or do you have to choose one over the other? Besides, Family Guy is not quite the blantant rip off of The Simpsons as American Dad is of Family Guy. I mean come on, American Dad is the exact same show, down to a talking pet and wise-cracking, weird headed baby/alien.
If we much choose, then the hard question is...which is funnier? Is The Simpsons past it's prime? Will The Family Guy last?


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Why must we choose? Can't we enjoy both for what they are? Genius!

Mo said...

I agree, but there's been a lot of press about it for some reason. Personally, I just like to laugh at the crazy, kooky antics of Peter and Homer.

Still, I must say I am able to turn down watching a Simpson's episode, but not The Family Guy. Maybe it's just because it's newer...I don't know.

Craig said...

I too love the Family Guy and would choose it over the simpsons. Why? Hard to say, I think the Family Guy has a sence of unpredictability that you never know what they will do next. While the Simpsons is fairly predictable, yet still funny.

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Well, The Simpsons used to be that way. Of course, they have been around since 1989, so it's fair to say that the show can be predictable. I'm sure The Family Guy will get that way since I don't recall a show around that hasn't become predictable after being on for an extended period.

Mo said...

The Family Guy is quite a bit edgier. I can't tell you how many times Corey and I will be watching it and look at each other in shock that they actually said, "that." That's part of what I look forward to in the show.

Linda said...

The Simpsons created hysterical dialogue and scenarios, and has kept up the strong work for longer than I expected. It definitely changed an era and opened up paths for the other shows. It is mainstream now when most would have never expected it to be. Even if you havent' seen the show - has anyone NEVER seen it? - you know the characters and a few select phrases.

Family Guy is non-stop packed with innuendo, references, storyline etc. It actually reminds me a bit of MST 3K. Now bear with me. It reminds me of that show in the sense that there are references there that some people get and others clearly don't. And the diverse background from which it pulls - sports references, literary references, political, high-school phrasology, broadway, pop culture, historical etc.

It is literally a show, that I am sometimes afraid to laugh at for fear of missing the next line. And then by the time ths show is done - or in instances where I have recounted an episode to someone - I am always amazed at just how much they pack into a half hour show.

If they can keep THAt up, I can't ever see it dying. However - a very hard thing to maintain I would imagine.