Wednesday, July 20, 2005


OK, see the little "About" section in the top right of this page? It's small, I know, but there's an important aspect that you probably didn't realize. Re-read how it ends. That's right, "jerkpod". You won't find that in any dictionary, no sirree. No, Monique made up that word. And this post is simply to document that fact.

Currently, there are only a few references with that word, all stemming from Monique, mostly on our friend Pete's blog or various improv online bulletin boards. It's a noun meaning "annoying person; idiot; rude person or ass-munch." The idea is that it's the jerk of the new millenium. More high-tech, if you will. This doesn't mean the person you're calling jerkpod has to be high-tech, it's just the more modern word. Like "i-pod".

Anyway, Monique's plan is to get that word spread around such that it becomes commonplace in our American lexicon. Ideally, it will eventually show up in movies and television. One day, we may even see "jerkpod" translated into Spanish, French, Russian, and numerous other languages. That's where we need your help. Use the word. Don't make a big deal over it, just use it in your everyday language so that others hear it, and hear it used as casually as a word like "the", "house", or "molasses". Then they'll use it, and so on and so on, down the line, continually. Sort of the linguisitic version of Kevin Spacey in our own little vocabularic 'Pay it Forward'. Only with less burn scars. Then, when "jerkpod" takes off like words such as "bling" and "phat" you'll know exactly where the phenomenon began.

So get on it and start using the word, jerkpod!

- Corey


Linda said...

Oh MY god.. this is HYSterical to me right now because:

I was reading Pete's blog just a moment ago, and turned to my pal Patrick int he office and said "I LOVE that the word Jerkpod is in more use now. Where the hell did that come from anyway?" to which he replied, "jerkpod?? I've never heard of it"

sooo... I was paying it forward without even knowing, I've seen it enough in these posts that I recognized it as becoming more popular, and oh yeah- I freakin dig the word.

So, Monique - you are well on your way.

Linda said...

Okay two more affiliated thoughts:


I will do my best to get this word to catch on - but PAtrick and I are already on a mission that is thus far doomed. I have cousins living in New York who for - oh at least two years now have been using the phrase " I know, right?" I hear it constantly when talking with them. It was in the movie "Mean Girls" (which actually is pretty entertaining). SO it's obviously saturated the coasts, but poor 'ole mid-america KC is once agian years behind the curve. SO, two sub parts to this additional note: a) start saying it - you have to hear it used to get the propoer intonation and time to be used - hard to describe in type. and b) Monique - get this going on the coasts.. forget about us...

In reference to terms people don't know. Another cousin of mine the other day said "so my buddy was talking about a lazy susan. I had no idea what that was. I thought it was a left handed hand job or something." that's now part of his stand-up routine.

Monique.. tell your cousins the word people will repeat it.

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Isn't a Lazy Susan that rotating shelving unit?

I'm doing my part to spread the love. If you look down in the lower right section of my blog, you'll notice the "Where in the world" section. All of those little dots are getting exposed to the word jerkpod. It's hitting the coasts (I have regular visitors from CA and NC), the north (CHI) and the south (N.O.) and points beyond.

Viva la jerkpod!

Mo said...

I have noticed you spreading the word. I appreciate it. If you check out my sister's blog (which can be hilarious) she's doing the same... only she's not quite as subtle about it as you are.

I didn't know "I know, right?" was a catch phrase. I just thought it was a ditzy or "valley girl" way of speaking. I think I might actually be ok with it not spreading to the midwest.
Besides, it's not as good as "jerkpod."

Momski said...

I will join the Jerkpod phenomenon if you will also use the word (drum roll...) "HUGENORMAGANTIC."

This word can not be used casually though or it will sound dumb. It can only be used when huge and enormous and gigantic are not enough. It sounds pretty and looks pretty, it's a valid word.