Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 3rd of July

Last night we celebrated Independence Day at our friend Tyler's place. He lives just a couple of blocks away from us which makes it very convenient to not have to worry about driving. We lived here last 4th of July and I think we even knew some of these guys from I.O, but we weren't really close yet. Now we consider this group some of our closest friends. It's really nice to feel at home here, though we do miss Pete's parties back in KC.

The afternoon started with the journey to Tyler and Garrett's. We brought some beer, hamburgers and chairs (of course we left all of it at their place and I fear they are eternally gone). There was a ton of food, especially buns. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, corn, chips, awesome cobbler, you know, typical bbq food. I lasted almost 2 hours before I had to take a nap. Damn, I'm not even old yet, but after some shut eye, I was good to go again.

Later in the evening there was an obstacle course on a pink bike. There were very intricate rules and points given and taken away for knocking down and picking up various toys. Seeing Owen and Tyler trying to steer this bike was hilarious. In the end I'm not really sure who won. We also had a round of throwing a cushy soccer ball, though really it came down to who could tag Owen or Tyler in the head by surprise. Then we broke out the ultimate game of night.... Flippy Cup. It's basically a relay race of chugging your beer and then flipping your cup from standing right side up, to upside down. As soon as the first person makes his cup land correctly, the next team mate in line chugs his beer, trys to flip his cup and so on. I don't know who ultimately won that game (Tyler or Owen), but I think my team only won once. But in the end... you're more drunk, so really we were all winners.

In the end we got our drink on, saw one firework, laughed our asses off and generally had a great 4th (ok 3rd) of July.

- Monique


Corey and Mo said...

I love that in the last picture it looks like Monique has a similar wingspan to Yao Ming. In fact, it's just an optical illusion, because only one of those outstretched arms is hers, the other is tyler's.

- corey

briemcgee,duh said...

uh, yeah, you're not old yet. Sure. Why not. :)