Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Finally some rest

We finally got a little rest this weekend. The past week was another non-stop, back to back schedule. For the last few months, we are constantly on the run. I literally had somewhere to go every night of the week after work. We usually meet somewhere at an El stop so that we can either rush to a quick meal or try to enjoy the half hour ride we get together before going separate ways for the evening. Though it was busy, last week we were both pretty lucky, because we didn't just have rehearsals and (for me) hair appointments, but we each had three nights worth of shows.

The thing I don't get is why we do this to ourselves. We're both exhausted, the apartment is a mess and we're broke because, of course, after shows you have to go out to hang with the group, not to mention just the money we spend on rehearsing. I don't know about Corey, but I've been this way my entire life. Since I was a kid I was constantly on the go and just had to be where the excitement was. What am I going to miss? I don't know, but I'm going to stay awake to find out. Once I actually stop for a while, I get antsy, bored and lazy. I can't remember the last time I went to bed before midnight (or usually closer to 1am). It wouldn't be such a big deal if I didn't have to get up 5 1/2 or 6 hours later and try to keep my eyeballs alert at my wonderful office job (Yey, that suits me well).

Anyways, this weekend was great. After a 3am dinner at Garcia's mexican with a drunk Tyler, Garrett and Corey I got to sleep in on Saturday, kind of. I forgot about the cable guy coming over, so I was jolted awake at 10am. Still, 10am, not bad. My Saturday consisted of lounging around and taking two hour naps on and off throughout the day. It was awesome. Corey and I just couldn't figure out why we were so groggy. Well, Saturday was also the day we learned how addicted we are to caffine. After running a few errands, we stopped off at Joey's Brickhouse for coffee around 4pm. Literally within 1/2 a cup, Corey was a different person, alert, awake and back to his witty self. We ended the night with a Franchise show, karaoke and drinking till 3am. I'll post pictures later. It was good times, though I missed Josh's rendition of "Kiss" by Prince.

Though we had rehearsal Sunday, we were able to spend the rest of that evening relaxing and watching the first movie we've seen in months, "Sideways". Loved it ! Yesterday we even got to do the same after work. We made dinner and then did nothing all night, well, except lose 3 hours of our life in an oblivion called "The Aviator." Not horrible, but dear God, I'll never get that part of my life back.

So now we're back to "normal" life. Shows for both tonight, rehearsal tomorrow and shows throughout the weekend, work during the day, work at night at "my salon"... oh yeah and plan a wedding somewhere in between. Hey, this is what we moved here for, right? As tired as I am sometimes, I wouldn't change it. This is the life that works for us, though I am looking forward to our half-assed hiatus coming up.

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