Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mousetraps and Water Torture: A Night of Dangerous Improv

Corey and I are proud (?) to be appearing in a new show starting at the end of this month. "Mousetraps and Water Torture: A Night of Dangerous Improv" at the Laugh Out Loud Theater.

Described as "Jackass" meets "Whose Line is it Anyway?", we'll be playing all the taboo games not usually allowed at most theaters. There's 'Water Deprivation,' the game where one improviser must must have his/her head submerged in a bucket of water during a scene. They can't come up for air until someone tags them out. Also, I haven't decided which game I'm the most nervous about. There's the one where an audience member snaps clothespins on your face, included the dreaded Frankenstein pins on your neck. Then there's also the scene you play blindfolded with mousetraps scattered all around the stage. We had our first rehearsal today and yes, the mousetraps hurt.

If you're in the burbs in March or April, come by and check out a show.

Check in with us to find out our schedule.

- Mo


Aaron said...

Um - that sounds like and excess of water, rather than water deprivation. Either way, that sounds like a fun show.

Corey said...

Yeah, I think Mo mis-typed that one. The game is called either "Oxygen Deprivation" or "Game Night At The Rumsfeld's".

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Kudos on the new show and best of luck!

JJSKCK said...

What, no staple guns?

Sounds like fun.

Jill said...

Tell Joey I say hi.