Thursday, January 15, 2009

Suck it, Sprint

After a few years of poor service, incredibly terrible customer service, being hung up on, being billed incorrectly, being outright lied to, and generally not even living up to low expectations we have officially dumped Sprint as our mobile carrier. We didn't call and yell, we didn't write a scathing letter, we didn't do anything rash and instead got the ultimate revenge: we left. Sprint will no longer get my money.

And who will, you ask? Well thanks for asking. Mo and I are now AT&T customers. Because you have to be to use one of these:

So, yeah, we're going to be those people. Deal with it.

- Corey and Monique


JJSKCK said...

Nice work. People in KC feel some sense of loyalty to Sprint and try to hang on as long as they can...but it never gets better.

"But maybe they'll change", you say. They don't. "Maybe I can fix this! We can work it out!" You can't, and you can't.

Bottom line for Sprint? If you can't even get reception at YOUR OWN CORPORATE CAMPUS, you deserve to lose customers. You deserve to fail.

Randman said...

Every two years I swear I'm going to dump $print, and then they throw enough free stuff at me to get me to sign up for another two years.

I really looked at the Iphones, but couldn't justify the upfront expense. So, I got free Instincts from Sprint. Not quite as cool, but still fun phones.

Corey and Mo said...

Yeah, I got sucked into Sprint last time when they promised me a bunch of stuff. That's when they sold me a phone that had GPS capabilities but then it never actually did. They're lying shits.

The upfront cost is a lot, but at least it's tax deductable and really, how can you put a cost on a farting App?

- Mo

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

And another little piece of me dies... not because you dumped Sprint, because you succumbed to the Great Apple Marketing Machine.

/lowers his head and mourns the loss of Corey and Mo

JJSKCK said...

At least they're not stuck with the 1st generation iPhone. What a turd that was (much like the 1st generation of everything they release). Apple's rep among impartial (read: non-Kool-Aid-drinking) gadget geeks is to wait for the 2nd if not the 3rd generation item and it will be more than solid.

Corey and Mo said...

Yeah, it's not Apple's marketing that did it. It was first-hand observation of several friend's iphones, and the amazing functionality. Also, they're fun. And they do the stuff they say they're going to. It was less Apple's marketing, and more the marketing of Lillie, Scott, Freddie, Sean, Nick, etc., etc, etc.....

- corey