Friday, January 09, 2009

What The Netflix?

I logged onto Netflix today to add a few movies to my queue, and I decided to click on the "Movies You'll Love" feature to see what they suggested for me, based upon my ratings of other movies. This is what I'm presented with:
The Fog of War

Because you enjoyed:
This Is Spinal Tap
Fahrenheit 9/11
Arrested Development: Season 2
FYI, The Fog of War is not a comedy, but a documentary with this description:

Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara worked for both Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, playing a key role in shaping both administrations' approaches to the Vietnam War. This Oscar-winning documentary directed by Errol Morris traces McNamara's career from government to the World Bank; but it's his work during the Vietnam years that's highlighted in this film, which features extensive archival footage and interviews.

So my questions are, but not limited to, the following:

  • how would those three movies link up in any way?
  • just Season 2? I rated all the seasons the same way.
  • what about that description of Fog of War suggests a fake documentary about a rock band?
  • is Netflix just screwing with me?
  • should I add Fog of War to my queue?
  • did I completely reference myself into a corner when I dropped a Spinal Tap reference in my improv workshop this afternoon with a group of high school kids?
  • have you guys seen this: I can't get over how great it is.

- Corey


Scott McMillin said...

NetFlix recommendations are such a tough nut to crack that the company created a $1 Million NetFlix prize for the best algorithm.

NikkiDooDoo said...

Apparently you are not the only one getting punked.

Jr said...

Your Spinal Tap reference didn't box you into anything. The movie came out 10 (or 11 if you want to go there) years before they were born. It would be like if your high school teacher dropped an 'Odd Couple' reference.

patrick said...

COREY! Fog of war is an awesome movie. Morris, the guy who made it developed this interview technique so that the interviewee is facing the camera but is looking directly at a screen with the interviewer, that way its like having a regular conversation, but morris can then throw up pictures, or graphs or whatever. It is pretty rad how mcnamara gets thrown by pictures of his own policy in action.

okay good talk. just so you dont think i'm a nerd....titties.