Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. The end of 2008 was particularly hectic around here. You got the holidays, our shows at The Annoyance Theater, shows at Laugh Out Loud Theater, shows with Rock Island ComedySportz, plenty of visitors from Kansas City coming to stay with us, etc. etc. It's been a ton of fun, but it's nice to have a couple days of quiet with nothing going on.

Looking back, 2008 was a pretty great year around the Madrid-Rittmaster house. Here are some highlights:

- The first performace by The Union (which wasn't named that yet) in January
- I quit my day job in March and began working full time for myself
- Mo wrote a spec script for The Family Guy, had a public reading of it, and will be submitting it to writing agents
- KU won the NCAA Championships in basketball and the Orange Bowl in football.
- Took a trip to Vegas with friends Scott and Lillie and Sean and Nissa and had a ridiculously good time. This is a great travelling group.
- Had our sketch show accepted into the Milwaukee Sketch Festival and put on a great performance, got great reviews, and had a great time.
- Went on a whirlwind tour of college shows in August, with Mo and I each doing about a week's worth of improv shows on campuses across the country.
- Reunited with the guys in Der Monkenpickle for the KC Improv Festival again. This time we had all 5 of us there.
- Took a dream vacation to Portugal and Spain.
- Were accepted by The Annoyance Theater for a 7 week run of our sketch show.
- Witnessed a historic presidential election from the candidate's home base.

2008 was a lot of fun, and was very successful creatively and professionally. The plan is to build on that momentum for '09. Hope yours is even better!

- Corey


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Neither of you is sick in the aftermath? Phew! Corey & Mo: 1 Bullet: 0

Karen M said...

Happy New Year! Knowing how important Christmas is to Corey, Jim and I tried to send you our holiday card, but I guess we don't have your most up-to-date address. Snail mail is so 2008 anyway. To summarize what you would have received: Our kids are photogenic, esp. in B/W, and (if you can possibly top 2008) we hope your holidays were happy and wish you both all the best in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen!

I am imagining your kids picture right now.

I'm sure they look adorable in their old timey Western wear, totin' guns and whiskey bottles.

Maybe the boys are in assless chaps and Rachel in a girl of the night, sassy dress. Umm, is that innapropriate? Did I go too far?

Thanks again. Hope you have a great '09 as well!