Monday, June 30, 2008

Vegas Baby!

We're back from our Vegas trip. We went with Lillie (of LOL theater), her husband Scott, Sean (fellow improviser) and his wife Nissa. It was pretty much a perfect vacation.

Please enjoy the next few posts of our ridiculous times...

- Mo


We started the trip by meeting up with Liz and her husband Doug (who live in Vegas) for dinner at an Italian restaurant. I don't remember the name of the restaurant (it was called Ventano. - corey), but I do remember that it sat up in the hills and looked out over the Vegas strip...

And that the French chef was extremely inappropriate.
We enjoyed lunch on the Bellagio patio at Todd English's "Olives" restaurant.
Lillie pretty much at 'tartare' all weekend. Screw cooked food!
And we gambled our asses away at night. I treated everyone to ninety-nine cent margaritas. Aren't I generous?

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