Monday, June 30, 2008

Nerd... I mean "Star Trek Experience"

Last day:

After a ridiculously huge meal at the Paris hotel, we headed to the "Star Trek Experience."

Corey and I left our cool at the door. We went on the deck of the Enterprise, were 'taken hostage' by some Klingons or something...really I don't know. We did however hang out with a Borg.

No one was excited as Nissa. Actually maybe Lillie was, too, as the two of them couldn't stop grinning and tearing up on the simulated ride.

Yes, this beautiful young lady used to be a Trekkie. She's been to conventions and even owns a couple of the suits. Here, she and her husband are enjoying a "James Tea Kirk" long island ice tea, complete with dry ice for effect. We came home tan and relaxed
Yay! Vegas! Good times! Exclamation marks!

- Mo

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JoRae said...

I've been to the Star Trek experience. I thought it was cool, so I guess Tye and I are nerds too. (c: