Thursday, September 06, 2007

In with the new

Though we are no longer newlyweds, we did get a lot of new stuff lately.

Most expensive new thing: My new laptop! It's technically my work computer, but is already coming in handy for working on assignments for the writing class we're taking at iO. It's not only convenient, it's a really cool style and comes with Windows Vista. Surprisingly the new Microsoft addition is great. It's really easy to use and again, most importantly - cool.

Most comfy new thing: Though our anniversary was Tuesday, we had class that night so we celebrated on Monday. It was very low key. The best part of the day was that we bought a new mattress! Neither of us have ever owned a brand new mattress. Really right now a pile of hay would be better than the craptastic bed we have now. I'm really proud of my haggling skills. We got a great deal! It's being delivered this morning.

Most sporty new thing: It's a toss up. Corey's gift from me was a 5 game pack to the Chicago hockey team, The Blackhawks. He has great seats and there's basically a game a month until March, so it's nicely spread out. I've never been to a game and can't wait to see the fights. The other sporty gift... my anniversary present, new running shoes, picked specifically for my foot and running style. Corey also gave me the Nike + iPod which is an awesome sensor that goes in your shoe. It hooks up to your iPod and can track how long and far you run, as well as calories burned, various exercise goals and you can even go online and compare with..."others or set up races between friends to help motivate you.

Originally Corey actually got me Heely's, the tennis shoes with wheels built into the heel that you often see kids wearing. In the end I realized it wasn't the most practical gift and that's why I got the running shoes and Nike + iPod. I'd wanted the Heely's forever, so it was a very sweet gift. They were slightly too big, so we went to exchange them. While at the store I figured I should try them out. Whoa! Those suckers are ridiculous. I usually have decent balance, but I couldn't get the hang of it. I also created quite the spectacle. Kids and adults alike were starting to gather watching me make hilarious faces and sounds as I almost fell on my ass. It would've been embarrassing if it weren't so awesome. We were really regretting that we didn't have the camera (with built in video recorder) with us.

Still, I must give something to the people. So, here for your viewing pleasure is me making a fool out of myself in another situation - playing Wii Bowling with Anna last month. For the record, this is not the right way to do it. Corey found my style so hilarious, he had to secretly record it.I made this much of a fool of myself if not more with the Heely's.


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

People gathered 'round to watch you? Kind of like the way people gathered 'round you to hear you play sax at a certain music store?

I tell you, the talent that oozes from you is staggering. Staggering I say! Yeah, you know you rock.

cszponce said...

I think that's officially dubbed "the stomp."