Friday, September 14, 2007

Gross on Clark....or Nuts on Blech....or Ick on Yuck...or....

Hey friends, I'm blogging from the airport. Yay wireless connection on the new laptop! So anyway, Mo and I are heading to Erie, PA to do a show with Chicago Comedy Company. Very exciting, I know. So we get to Midway Airport and are heading towards our gate when I saw the "Nuts on Clark" store. If you're not familiar, "Nuts on Clark" is a famous store in Chicago that makes various snacks, particularly nuts and popcorn treats. The original location is on Clark Street just a couple blocks from Wrigley Field. Background! Exposition!

So, I see the Midway branch of "Nuts on Clark" and think to myself, "Let's dig into that fat per diem and get a bag of freshly made caramel corn/cheese popcorn mix!" So we go into the shop, and as I'm deciding on what size bag of corn to purchase, one of the guys working there reaches his bare hand into the big popcorn bin to grab a quick snack. OK, kinda gross, not entirely sanitary, but it gets worse. He feeds that popcorn into his craw, fingers to lips,over and over, then he does it. He goes in. For more. Ew. Yeah, all of a sudden I'm not so hungry for your nasty saliva covered popcorn. Should the employees be able to have some samples from time to time? Sure! Use a glove, or scoop some out into a container and eat from there. Don't stick your grubby germ hands right back into the bin, Johnny Disgusting.

I tried to be polite. After watching this dude's display, I said something to the effect of not wanting to pay the airport prices and started to leave. Monique wasn't so discreet. "Yeah, and not after that guy just shoved his hands in his mouth and then back into the popcorn!", she says just slightly too loudly. Awesome. We're going to call "Nuts on Clark". Maybe we can get some free popcorn out of the deal. Will someone have manhandled that apology corn? Probably, but at least I didn't see it happen.

- Corey

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JoRae said...

EWW! I would complain too, that's disgusting!