Monday, June 11, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Brimblecom

Spent the past weekend taking part in the various wedding festivities for my good friends Billy and Ali. We had a great deal of fun, slept very little, ate and drank very much and will need a good week to completely recuperate completely, I think. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Thursday lunch at Gates BBQ with Ed, Jason and Kay.

  • Ed rented a car, and somehow ended up with a minivan with Sirius satellite radio.

  • Bachelor party dinner at the Majestic Steakhouse.

  • Slap boxing at The Hurricane.

  • Jason's speech at the rehearsal dinner where he spoke about Billy's strength and perseverance, how he's overcome difficulty and hardship time and time again. "A car accident that broke his back...losing a leg to cancer...a band called The Start. Just horrible, horrible tragedies."

  • Late night Taco Bell runs night after night.

  • A viewing of an incredible documentary titled "The King of Kong". Promise me you'll watch out for this little film and see it.

  • Billy and Ali's choreographed first dance at the reception.

  • The privilege of getting to emcee the reception for the new Mr. and Mrs. Brimblecom in addition to my duties as a wedding ceremony usher.

  • Getting to hang out with some of my favorites from the KC music scene through the years; guys like JD Warnock, Eric Melin, Brian Everard, Chris Tolle and Nick Colby from the bands The Creature Comforts and Ultimate Fakebook, among others.
It was a fantastic time overall. Billy and Ali are so clearly happy, it was a joy to be involved. Good times this weekend, good times.

- Corey


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Welcome back. I wish you would've had a few spare moments last weekend.

Craig said...

Congrats Billy.
Sooooo, when is the baby due?