Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Like old times

My trip to visit Briette was soooo much fun. The trip kind of falls into two categories. Each were so much fun that they could've been two separate vacations.
1. New Jersey
2. New York.

Brie lives in NJ, which I've learned doesn't have a lot to offer. As her and Michael (her husband) put it; the best part of New Jersey is living near New York.
I got in on Wednesday night and right off the bat we were giggling like little kids. We're very different in many ways, but I forgot how much we're alike. We even have a very similar laugh which I never noticed until this trip. When I first got into town, she gave me my belated birthday present: the entire 1st season DVD collection of Fraggle Rock! Possibly the best b-day present I got this year.
Besides our laugh another thing I realized we havin in common is getting lost. Turns out the lack of direction skills is a Madrid-women thing. She got turned around coming back from the airport delaying getting back to her house for a while, but we didn't care. We were having fun anyway. Though not having a sense of direction would come back to haunt us in New York (I'll tell you more about that later).

The next day we just did girlie sister stuff. We went shopping and stopped by a pet store to play with puppies for a while. Right before the puppy play time, we were starving, so Brie suggested we go to the Flea Market. There they have an Amish area, where you can buy homemade delicious sausage stuffed pretzels, candies and cider. As I walked in, I realized the shirt I was wearing may not have been appropriate for this more quiet, sheltered, religious community. I don't know, what do you think? (courtesy of Threadless Tees)
I asked Brie to let me borrow the sweatshirt she was wearing so I could cover it up, but underneath it she had on a low cut tank top. We had to decide which was better a.) the slutty sister or b.) the violent towards children sister. In the end I just kept my arms crossed a lot.

On Thursday we saw "The Prestige". It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but I really enjoyed it. I never see movies anymore and this isn't the type Corey would want to see, so I took full advantage of it. That night, we highlighted and chopped Briette's hair off. This is a big deal, because she's had it long for a long time, but apparently she was ready for a change. We cut about a foot off, she's going to donate it to the Cancer Society so they can make a wig out of it.

We also spent the weekend playing Lego's Star Wars on her XBox. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Meanwhile, Corey was hanging out with our friend Tyler most of the weekend, playing Madden 07 on his XBox. Looks like I might have to start saving up for Corey's birthday present in April.

Spending time with my sister was so much fun. I forgot how hilarious she can be and how much I miss her. It was a pretty perfect weekend.

Next up... The New York trip. There's a lot there... pretty awesome. I'll fill you in on the next post. Until then, "Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow."

- Mo


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

I loved the fact that when I showed Stabby McKnife to some co-workers, they looked at me and, with horror in their eyes, said, "That's not funny at all, that's just disturbing. How can you find that funny? Come on, I thought you were a comedian.".


Mo said...

Yeah, my mother and father-in-law didn't find it so funny either.

corey said...

yeah, those people who don't get it are idiots. yes, i am including my parents.

Mo said...


Sarah said...

Corey, That is NOT nice to say about your parents