Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Game of Life

This weekend was a strange mix of fun and pain.

Corey's Aunt Judy and cousins Margo (age 9) and Sarah (age 11) came in town for a visit. We had such a good time with them. Aunt Judy spoiled us by taking us out to eat at great restaurants and the kids were very excited to see us and a lot of fun to hang out with. The girls stayed the night with us on Friday. They played The Simpson's Game of Life, which is a hilarious game and even more fun when you watch two little girls play. They were very serious about buying home owners insurance, collecting their salaries and being little grownups. They had a blast! The adults on the other hand (Aunt Judy and Anne - the girl's aunt, Corey and I) went through a more painful ordeal as we watch the Jayhawks play like crap in the tournament. I must say, I'm very proud of Corey. This was the first game I've ever seen him watch his language, especially in a game where we lost because of being so piss poor. He didn't have to make the girls put on "earmuffs" once.

I was in double pain because my back is hurting me again. I've been dealing with it for almost a year and a half, along with other issues, and still don't know what's wrong. I'm continuing to see doctors about it and it looks like we may have an answer which equals treatment (more on that another time).

Also, partially because of the back issue, I have resigned from one of my improv groups. I was a member of pH for a year. I love the show and adore the people, but the 11pm and 12:30am shows were getting to be too much to handle. I'm sad that I won't get to hang with this group on a regular basis, but I also know I did the right thing. I've learned that I have to put my health first and that means getting enough sleep as well as regulating my stress levels.

I'm actually looking forward to having some down time in my life again. Though I'll continue to build my hair biz, I'll also just enjoy having a Tuesday night to lay around and watch TV or a Friday night to hang out with friends. I feel like I hit the ground running when I moved here and now it's time to stop and catch my breath. I know it won't stay this way for too long, but as long as my body tells me to slow down, I'm going to listen to it.



Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

You can always sleep when you're dead... at least that's what I've always been told. One of these days I'll slow down too.

Mo said...

That was (and mostly is) my motto, but when the lack of sleep helps aide in extreme pain in your body, prohibiting you to enjoy life, it's just not worth it anymoer.

jared said...

i thought your motto was all about hating cats and midgets.

Mo said...

And now... hating you Jared.

And now... hating you.