Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Where's my 8 track?

We finally got our car back last night. Thank God. We needed to grocery shop bad. We paid our deductible to get our shattered window and messed up dash fixed. It also replaced our stereo. As I might have already mentioned, when we bought the car it had an after-factory stereo/CD player in it. Since we didn't have a receipt for it there's no proof of the value of it. So yes, they replaced the stolen one, but the new stereo is not nearly as nice. It's even got a tape player in it. A tape player? Who listens to tapes. The car is an 03,' which means the "factory" stereo for this year shouldn't have a tape player in it... stupid 1990's cheapskates. Corey says we should be glad that there's less temptation for thieves now. The CD player was the whole reason we got broken into in the first place. I guess he's right, but it's still annoying that not only did we pay out a big deductible because of some jerkpod, but now our car is less valuable. It just irks me that along with my cool stereo, the vandals also stole a decade out of my car.

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Randman said...

Yeah, but now, with the tape deck, you guys can buy your IPOD/MP3 Player, and using a tape adapter, listen to all your music through your stereo.

Can't do that with a CD player.

Thus, and excuse to buy those MP3 players!