Monday, January 23, 2006

Cleveland Rocks!

This weekend Schticky Situation (The KC based Jewish Improv group consisting of Corey, Jay Lewis, Jim and Karen Montemayor) went to Cleveland to perform for the Jewish Community Center. I got to sit in as the token girl since Karen is due any day with twin boys. The show went well, a nice solid B+ performance. The audience loved it.
The next day we stuck around to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Well, most of us did. Jay ditched us to visit an old friend who lived in town. Anyways, Jim, Corey and I had a great time at the Hall. If you ever get a chance to go to Cleveland, definately check it out. It was awesome! Unfortunately they don't allow you to take pictures inside, so it put a damper on our montage plan. Instead, here now are the pictures we took in the cab on the way to the airport of what it would've been like had cameras been allowed in the Hall. I couldn't get the pictures of Jimi Hendrix or Michael Jackson's glove (ie: the cab driver and Corey's winter mitten/glove) to post, so you'll be missing those artifacts.
Boo, no pictures allowed inside!

Monique's gonna rock anyways!

Jim and Corey outside of The Hall

Look, it's Art Garfunkel's hair! (Note to self: remember to photoshop in pic of hair.)

Jon Bon Jovi's leather jacket from the "Slippery When Wet" tour

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