Thursday, October 27, 2005

Please let it be November

I have had a great year filled with many wonderful moments. The biggest, obviously, being that Corey and I got married. But there's also been time spent with family and friends, getting on an IO team, fun shows, parties, my promotion and the list goes on and on. I'm mentioning these things so that I can remember the bright side. For the sake of staying positive, I will also end this post on a high note... The lower end of this year has been the month of October. One of the main reasons being all the sickness. You've all been patient with me as what seems like post after post I talk about how I (or Corey and I) are still sick. Well, finally last Thursday I got over it. I left work early, went home and pretty much slept for 13 hours straight. I woke up the next day, renewed, refreshed and thrilled to be back in the game. This weekend was awesome (more on that later) I actually had energy and got a ton done. However, it is October and October is apparently the month that is determined to be bad to me. Monday night, I spent the evening until about 11:30pm in the emergency room. Long story short, they thought it was appendicitis, then possibly some sort of ovarian or other "ladies" issue. Luckily I wasn't in a ton of pain and actually felt better than I had most of the month, but there were just some weird symptoms going on. Anyways, as they are hooking me up to fluids, all I could do is throw my hands in the air. Of course I would spend the evening in the hospital, of course it would be my appendix, this is the kind of month I'm having. If I had a puppy, it would've been hit by a car, too. I also learned how much I use humor as a defense mechanism. As they were hooking me up to an IV and tears were streaming down my face out of frustration, I was still making Corey and the doctors laugh..."just because you call it an 'appy' doesn't make it happy, doc." Turns out it wasn't an appy. I was discharged with no answers. The doctor reminded me that they aren't God and don't always know why we have pain. They don't think it's anything serious or obviously they wouldn't have let me leave the ER. I just have to do some follow ups with my regular Dr. to find out why I still have this weird pain in my abdomen. Unless, of course, it gets worse. Sigh... If only it were November. Stupid, jerkpod October.

On the upside to this month, we had our post-wedding celebration in Chicago this weekend. Since we weren't able to bring everyone back to KC for the big day, we threw a party here. Lots of drinking, dancing and karaokeeing (sp?) was done till 3am. It was a blast and again such an amazing memory to see all our friends supporting us. I'll try to post pictures of it later.


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

You know what? It was right after I got my sober drunk-dial that I started getting sick. Now I know where I got it from.

Mo said...

"Awwww Nuuuts!!!!!!!!!!"

Jared said...

Let's not forget that in November Jawhawk basketball begins!!!!!!!!!!