Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy January!

Pete was asking for a SketchFest update, plus it's been a while since the last post, so here you go.

SketchFest update: We had a blast at SketchFest! Our show went real well, and was very well received by the audience. I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers the house, too, what with it being a Sunday afternoon on the final day of the festival. Thank you very much to everyone who came out to see us. Additionally, being a part of this festival was a major goal for us, and its nice to be able to check that off our imaginary list. The best part of being accepted into this Fest is the opportunity to see the other shows (for free!). We were lucky enough to catch some great shows by groups like The Tim and Micah Project, Last Call Cleveland, Team Submarine, Best Church of God, Off Off Broadzway...just to name a few. Very fun, and very inspiring stuff.

In addition to that, Mo and I have been having a real busy January. Since we got back from our Vegas trip, there have been lots of shows, a trip back to KC for cousin Margo's Bat Mitzvah, a few commercial auditions, and coming up a couple of real fun performances from The Union at the end of the month. One will be as guests on our friends Jamie and Becky's show "Montgomery and Cooke", the other will be doing some improv with our friend and improv legend Susan on her show "Messing With A Friend"*.

- Corey

* Date of "Messing With A Friend" show subject to change. Susan broke her ankle. This show is subject to being postponed. We'll let you know. Stupid ice.

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