Friday, August 14, 2009

It's a circus around here

The last few weeks have been a lot of fun. We are continuing to write for our upcoming show, have decided on a title and have a few fun poster ideas ready to go. We're currently looking for places to preview our show before our run, so if you have a group looking for an opener, let us know. Though the show has been a huge part of our focus, it's not the only thing.

As many have heard me talk about on Facebook, I started trapeze classes, the aerial dance kind, not flying trapeze. I envisioned myself perched on the bar and gliding through the air with elegance. It could not have been more the opposite. That shit is hard! Though I'm proud to say I'm able to hoist myself up, it was definitely not in an elegant way. They teach you poses which eventually leads to other moves and more difficult poses and even the most simple were challenging. I have stigmata holes in my hands and bruises all over the back of my legs. The first 2 1/2 days I was really sore. Corey had to get the coffee cup for me or open a jar of sauce, anything to give my body a break. Still, I'm really looking forward to Monday when I have my second class. It's a great workout and a ton of fun.

Corey's staying busy with teaching and coaching an improv group, plus he'll be directing a Triple Feature show at The Annoyance that a friend wrote for her, me and a couple others. We're also going to take an on-camera commercial class to get better at auditioning. We wouldn't necessarily take it together except we're able to save money on the private sessions if we both go, so why not! Hopefully we can start booking these gigs we're auditioning for.

Otherwise it's about to be fall which means travelling for shows!


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