Thursday, July 30, 2009

Making the best of summer

Summer is kicking along and though the weather doesn't feel like it here in Chicago, we're making the best of it.

First an update on our shows...

Only two more chances to see Corey in Trignity at Donny's Skybox. Great cast and a ton of fun!

If you're in Milwaukee and looking for something fun to do next weekend, come to the Milwaukee Comedy Festival. The Union will be performing all new material on Friday Aug 7th at the 10pm showcase. We can't wait to see the friendly and hilarious folks up there.

Guess what, The Union won our first round of the two person improv show Dual Duel! And we did it without packing the house with just our friends. Seriously, it was just our improv skills. Shocked? Yeah, us too. Please come support us in the semi finals on Aug 23rd. The competition gets tougher each round, so we'll take all the help we can get!

Other than performing this summer, we've been having fun with friends and vacations.

We just got back from Southwest Michigan where we spent 3 days touring wineries and relaxing at a beach house. Great food, wine and some much needed rest. They recommend trying 4-5 wineries a day. I don't know how people do it, not because you would end up drunk, but because all the flavors of wine gets overwhelming after a while. We could only do 2-3 a day, tasting 5-6 different kinds at each and of course sharing each others. The wines were mostly really good (we ended up bringing home 6 bottles!). Apparently people in that part of the country like their wine sweet, so we definitely tried ones that were too sugary, but we also found some great dryer ones that we both enjoyed. Plus one of the wineries also had a brewery and distillery.
The little town we stayed in, Union Pier, had great restaurants with some surprisingly unusual foods and really fresh fish. One of our favorite things was picking fresh blueberries. We bought 12 pounds (for only $15). Yes, we saw what life will be like in 40 years.

Next time we hope to rent a house with a group of friends!

Gordan Beach Inn
Sunset at our private beach
Picking blueberries. They literally gave us a bucket and told us to just go out and pick. No lessons, no details, just us in a field alone.
Corey frolicking in his natural habitat!

It may not be Sonoma, but it was still beautiful!

- Mo

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