Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Union rides again

OK, yeah, so it's been about a month since we last blogged. Sorry about that. Never intended to let it get away from us that badly. We should be better, with two of us and all, but things have been nice and busy, so that's the best excuse you're going to get.

First off, wanted to let you know that Monique and I will be debuting some new sketches from The Union this Friday night! We've been working real hard on writing some new comedy and even tried a couple sketches out in KC a few weeks ago, but this will be 30 minutes of all new bits since the Annoyance run at the end of '08. Show details are as follows:

"Grafitti" at The Playground
Friday 4/24 at 10:00pm
note: this theater is BYOB!
don't be late, The Union will be up first of the three groups going on.

So what's been happening since the last post? There was the aforementioned KC trip. We performed a show that was a fundraiser for our friend Brian Zehnle's upcoming Guatemalan Habitat for Humanity trip. The show was a split bill with The Union and our friends The Trip Fives, one of KC's best improv groups. We had a blast and there were tons of laughs and Brian raised some cash, so it was a win-win-win.

We stuck around in KC for a few extra days to be able to spend the first night of Passover with the family. We hadn't been to a family seder in a few years, so it was nice to get to do that again. The longer trip allowed us to see some old friends and try out some new restaurants in KC. Usually we're lucky to get to partake in one or two of the classics that we miss badly by living in Chicago (i.e. - Sonic, Minsky's, Taco Via, and any of the holy BBQ trinity - Gates, Bryant's or Jack's Stack). This trip we were lucky enough to do brunch with Billy and Allie at Succotash in the River Market. It was awesome! Mo had a blackberry pancake bigger than her head.

We also had dinner with my old friend Jodi and her husband Chuck at Blanc Burgers + Bottles. Again, really great! Gourmet burgers, fries with truffle oil, and an unreal selection of beers. Lastly, we hit up some new spots downtown with Dan, along with an impromptu tour of all the renovations and upgrades the Kansas City downtown area has undergone. Really impressive stuff.

After the trip to KC, we brought our neice Samantha back to Chicago with us for a few days. There was trips to the park, rides on the "L", lunch at Minnie's, a visit to Legoland not to mention taking in a performance of the hit musical "Mrs. Piggle Wiggle". It was a whirwind few days that was both exhausting and awesome. Below are a few pictures from Sami's trip.

So that's been what's up. We'll try and do better moving forward.

- Corey


Karen Montemayor said...

I'm sitting at work, listening to Walt Bodine stave off death while interviewing Jason Sudeikis on KCUR. Corey, you got a shout-out about 3.5 minutes in, just after Clancy Hathaway's name was dropped. I know the cockles of your heart are toasty warm just knowing this.

corey said...

He mentioned me AFTER Clancy? What a dick.