Sunday, November 02, 2008

Toledo, not Ohio

Though we liked Madrid, we'd felt we'd seen all we wanted and were ready to get away from the hectic big city. Still, we had another day planned there. After a little research, we decided to take a 30 minute train ride to Toledo. The city is beautiful, located at the top of a cliff. This is just the train station folks!After leaving the station there's a long walk to the main part of the city which is surrounded by an ancient way. Once again it was a long climb uphill. The view of the valley and river was absolutely worth it.

Of course since it was a Saturday, I couldn't get away from weddings. These brides follow me everywhere!Toledo is known for several things, quaint shops, an ancient cathedral, some ancient Sephardic synagogues and marzipan (yum!). The town is most proud for being the inspiration for Cervantes, "Don Quixote." He's revered in this little town.

The people were very friendly. It was really nice to be in a slower paced town. We ended the day sitting at a cafe, enjoying a glass of wine with manchego cheese, a local favorite. After which, we walked back to the train station from the other side of town just in time to catch a beautiful sunset.

We give Toledo 5 out of 5 marzipan's!

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Tracy Crowe Jones said...

I LOVE marzipan!