Monday, December 17, 2007

A week in the life of the Madrittmasters

This has been yet another busy week. It started off with The Procedure. Corey had to get some work done on his toe. I won't go into complete details, but it involved removing part of his toenail. Gross!

Grosser was the fact that I kept looking at it while the Doctor was working on it. AHHH! It was like a bad car accident. I couldn't help it.

So now he's hobbling around. It's not so much the pain that bothers him, but the bulkiness of the bandage makes it uncomfortable in his shoe. Oh yeah, wiping out on the slick sidewalk didn't help his toe either. That's the doctor's handiwork on the toe, by the way. Oh, Dr. Kim, you're such a kidder.

I dealt with my own frustrations, as well. We went to Rock Island for more ComedySportz shows. Never mind the bad weather driving down. My devastation was the midget Santa at the show location. Midget for most real life Santa's. He was huge for a stuffed Santa Claus. Perfect for my size, which would've been a nice holiday treat, but it was also perfect for looking down my shirt. Santa Claus? Try Santa Perve!

- Mo

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