Friday, March 23, 2007

Fun Stuff

OK, so this post is long overdue. We've been busy, so sue us. In the interest of getting this posted quicker, I'll be using the time-honored tradition of bullet points! Here we go, in no real particular order:

- We went to the KU game. Me, Monique and my cousin Anne went to the Jayhawks second round game at the United Center. Anne and I were able to get some sweet, below-face-value tickets from a dude outside the arena last Friday night so we all saw the Kentucky game in person on Sunday! It was a ton of fun. There was a nice big KU contingent in attendence, and doing the "Rock Chalk" chant at the end was pretty sweet. We had a great time at the game. KU played fantastic. In fact, the only complaint that Mo and Anne had were that the KU cheerleaders were pretty lame compared to the Kentucky cheerleaders. What was I thinking? Taking girls to a basketball game. My bad. Fun True Fact: This was the first time Anne had ever seen KU play live! Fun False Fact: Monique scored 4 points and had 1 assist in 3 minutes of mop-up time.

- We have blinds. Mo's dad was in town and we were able to take advantage of his expertise. Now, we are like actual adults and have windows with actual blinds purchased from an actual Home Depot. Fun True Fact: We used to have towels covering the windows. Fun False Fact: Spongebob towels.

- I have been cast in a show. I auditioned for a group called Theater Momentum. They're casting for 3 improvised showcases that will be happening this summer. It was a unified audition for all three directors and I was actually called back for 2 of the shows. The initial audition was Tuesday. Callbacks for a show titled "Missed Connections" was Wednesday and callbacks for "Moniker" were Thursday. While I was in the callback for "Moniker" I got a message on my cell phone offering me the part in "Missed Connections". So that's cool. I'm not entirely sure what the show will be like, other than it explores those Missed Connections type postings on craigslist and such. Rehearsals start next week and the show runs for 8 weeks starting in June. I'll keep you posted when I know more. I'm still waiting to hear about callbacks on the 3rd showcase, so we'll see.
Fun True Fact: The director of "Missed Connections" is named Cholley. Fun False Fact: Even though the show is entirely improvised, it has a script written by John Malkovich.

OK, that's all I got for now. KC Improv Festival is coming up next week. I'm looking forward to that. KU is now in the Elite 8. We play UCLA on Saturday at 6pm CT. Don't nobody call during that.

- Corey


Aaron said...

Um, Cor - is that KU game start time another one of your Fun False Facts? KU plays UCLA at 6:05 p.m. Central Time on Saturday. If you tune in and start drinking at 2 p.m., you'll be too sloshed to enjoy the game ;)

corey said...

maybe i want to be drunk at 2! no, originally on my Yahoo calendar it had the game listed at 2pm CT. it has since been updated. I'll update the post now, too. Good catch.

KU Layups said...

We missed the game, how did it go?

corey said...

you need to use some protection, buddy. last time i saw you there were only a few of you. now you have like 19 kids. that's irresponsible.

The DuPonts said...

We're still a tad depressed, but seeing you got a gig helps. Congrats! Can't wait to come up and catch a show (plus time with you and Posh, if you're not on a star trip).