Friday, March 21, 2008


The staged reading of my Family Guy spec script, "DrinkStrong" was held last night at the iO Theater.

I worked hard on the script and hope to eventually send it to an agent to get representation. The point of the reading was to get honest feedback from a real audience. I even had questionnaires for them to fill out so I could get blunt critique. From there I'll take the surveys home and continue to edit it, before sending it out.

I couldn't have been happier. The turn out was great, as was the response. The actors did a great job of bringing the characters to life. After just briefly looking over the questionnaires it looks like I only have minor tweaks to make. Everyone was super positive and thought I captured the feel and the characters of the show accurately. Plus I got a ton of laughs, which is really exciting. Now I just need to improve or edit a few of the jokes, maybe make some changes to one of the story lines. The biggest struggle with this is that it's now all a matter of opinion. One person may love a joke while another isn't so thrilled with it. I'll have to figure out if there are any common denominators and otherwise just trust my gut instincts. Thank goodness Corey's such a wonderful supporter/writer/editor to help me out.

I'm really enjoying writing in general. It's so fulfilling to work hard on written material and make people laugh. After I finish this script I'm going to write another one along with continuing to build my portfolio with sampels of my work so that an agent has plenty to read if he's interested.

Next up...
Corey and Monique: at the end of the day (A sketch comedy show)
March 28th, The Playground Theater - Graffiti 10pm
Stay tuned for more details.

- Mo

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Toni said...

i am very interested in the questionnaire you used for feedback at your reading. Do you think you could send me a copy? I'm working on getting some readings together of my work and seeing a prototype of your questionnaire might help me a lot. Enjoying the blog. Hope all is well. It looks like it.


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