Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Floor recap

Alright, update on the condo..... Our floors are done!!!!!
As we've talked about before, the jerkpods at Venter and Ass. messed up our floors time and time again. Their lack of communication skills continue to cause problems.
To recap:

1st - They didn't pay attention to our move-in date, or tell the floor guys the right date or something, but not only were we forced to move in a day later than expected, when we did move in (nearly 24 hours after they finished the coating) the floors weren't dry. Apparently since they hadn't installed the A/C and it was a humid day, the floors were still sticky. End result = footprints in the coating, ruined floors in the bedroom and hall just outside the bedroom door. Annoyed, but confident it would be taken care of soon.

2nd - We had agreed to set up a time to move the furniture out of our bedroom and stay overnight with a friend in order to have it redone. Instead, without telling us, they came in, recoated the floor, being careful not to move any furniture, only going around it. Since it is the floor, we of course walked on it. Since we weren't expecting the floors to be wet out of the blue, we tracked the tackiness and foot prints further into the hall and in the kitchen. End result = more of the floor ruined. Mad, we gave a stern talking to Elvis, he agreed to redo the floors at our convenience later.

3rd - AGAIN, the guys come in and redo the floors without telling us. This time, they kick out our guests that were staying with us, were rude to them and threatened us about not messing up the floors again. AGAIN they didn't bother to move furniture and only worked in the bedroom, not bothering with the hall or kitchen. End result = A fury from Corey and Monique like you've never seen. Screaming, cussing, name calling....

4th - Finally, the floors are done!!! Of course it didn't happen easily. We agreed to have them come over on a Monday. We spent the night before moving furniture and marking spots in the hall and kitchen. Well, there were so many foot prints that it just made more sense to have them do the entire hall up till the end of the kitchen area. We had Elvis come over before we left for work to show him what needed to be done. He promised to call when it was done. The plan was to stay the night at Anne's house and come home after work the next day, Tuesday. PLENTY of time for everything to dry.
At 3:00pm, I called to check on Elvis (of course he hadn't reached me). He informed me that they needed to do the floors all the way into the living room, because it wouldn't look good if we just stopped in the kitchen. Okay, fine. He also told me that they moved our furniture to the other side of the room and that we couldn't come home until Wednesday. That night Corey called to confirm why they were doing things they needed to do and express to him our frustration that he didn't warn us we'd have to stay out of our home another night. We didn't have an extra change of clothes and hadn't planned on eating out 2 days in a row. Still, we just wanted it done.
Then, on a whim we needed to stop by the house to reach in the door to where the spare keys to Anne's place were. We were shocked to see that the floors hadn't been touched. The only work these people did all day, was move our furniture. On top of it, they were going to make us stay out of the house an extra day for no good reason. We could walk right in. The floors weren't wet! Of course we called Elvis, asked him what the hell was going on. Their lack of communication had been the source of the problem yet again. Elvis had no idea what was going on w/the floors. He had just assumed the floors were wet. Even when we told him we weren't prepared to stay the night out more than one night, he still didn't look into it. IDIOT!
He even had the balls to blame us because they thought it was just going to be spots, not the whole hall. When we told him that we gave him ample opportunity to come look at it before, he complained that we always asked him to come at inconvenient times, in the morning or evening. WHAT!?!! Yes, I guess I shouldn't bother someone to do their work. Like these people haven't caused me to take enough time off work IDIOT! We slept in our own bed that night and they finished the job the next day. It was a hassle, but thank God that part is over!
Just a couple of punch list items left - only 5 months after we moved in.

Seriously, is buying a new place this difficult for everyone?


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

No. Next question.

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

BTW, day 1 is in progress.

Mo said...


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

See comments from "How Rude".

JoRae said...

I saw the floors and they looked great. Read my blog on myspace. I wrote about my trip to see you guys. (c:

Joe said...

I have yet to see the floors, but in my imagination, they look wonderful.

Corey - be sure to check your MySpace when you can.